Columbia Gas - Natural Gas event of 9/13/18


The “Natural Gas Event” that occurred 9/13/18 has impacted thousands of households and businesses including many of our customers and even ourselves here at Callahan A/C & Heating Services.

Columbia Gas has many teams out evaluating each location and will determine if your heating system, water heater and other gas appliances need to be replaced or repaired.  Depending on what you are told for timing we can help you with temporary solutions for hot water & heating or permanent replacements and conversions for when the gas is restored. 

We have altered our resources to prioritize the recovery effort and want you to know we are just a phone call away and ready to help.

Columbia Gas has released these steps to have your gas turned back on.

  • Hire a licensed plumber or gas-fitter.
  • Your licensed plumber or gas-fitter will need to obtain a plumbing or gas permit, as appropriate.
    • Gas permits will be issued at DPL's temporary offices located at: 20 Main, Andover, MA, 02118.
    • The fees for all plumbing and gas fitting permits have been waived.
  • Your licensed plumber or gas-fitter will test all gas piping systems and appliances, and will repair, replace, or cap off all defective systems, as necessary.
  • After the work is completed, an inspector will inspect the gas system and any repairs or replaced components.
  • When the gas system has been approved by an inspector, an approval tag will be affixed to the gas meter.
  • After your gas has been approved by an inspector you must call the gas provider to request that your gas service be restored.


PLEASE NOTE: An approval of the gas system by an inspector does NOT guarantee that your gas service will be turned on. Gas service will be turned on ONLY IF the gas mains serving your area have been repaired and restored.

Please CALL US at 978-689-9233 or CONTACT US for more information.