Total peace of mind!
Last year there were over 75,000 emergency calls from homeowners in our area due to heating or cooling system breakdowns. Faulty equipment can lead to expensive repair costs and serious health concerns. You and your family can avoid being uncomfortable and gain peace of mind with a Planned Service Agreement from Callahan A/C & Heating Services.

Preventing system breakdowns.
Why have regular maintenance visits? As an example, regular filter changes are helpful, but will not prevent all clogging throughout the system. Dirty fan blower wheels and clogged refrigerant coils are the #1 cause of premature compressor failure. Regularly scheduled cleanings add life and efficiency to your system in dozens of ways.

Save hundreds of dollars.
With regularly scheduled check-ups, your system will operate with less power consumption—reducing your seasonal utility bills by hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, our service will substantially lengthen the life of your equipment. And you will receive preferred customer status on all repairs when you sign up for a Planned Service Agreement with your Carrier dealer—Callahan.

We are committed to your comfort!
Should you ever have questions or problems with your gas heating or cooling system, a Planned Service Agreement guarantees you’ll receive prompt, professional, courteous, around-the-clock service from Callahan A/C & Heating Services.

A Planned Home Service Agreement is a maintenance program specifically designed to provide peace of mind for your family. Regularly scheduled maintenance of your gas heating and cooling system will prolong the system’s life, maximize operating efficiency and save time and money over the long run.

Our Planned Service Agreement ensures your system will be cleaned and inspected once prior to the summer cooling season and once prior to the winter heating season. No matter the make or model of your gas heating or cooling system, your Callahan A/C & Heating Services technician will alert you to any problems and correct them before it’s too late!